Booty & the Beast

Posted on 26 June 2016


For far too long, women have been bombarded with highly unrealistic examples of beauty and femininity. What is acceptable and expected from us and what’s not? How should we look, dress, think, act, and speak. How we should train. We don’t need the world to decipher who we are, or who we should become as young females. We need to learn to gain the confidence in our own ideas of what’s best for ourselves, and how to be confident in our own bodies and minds. For it’s really only ourselves that hold us back.

Growing up I was always the bigger one in my group of friends, the tallest one in my grade, the thicker girl when I ran track, now I’m the 6 foot blonde, weighing 85kg swinging around on a set of rings like a monkey competing in CrossFit. I have always been strong, had thighs that rub together when I run, shoulders that don’t fit female sized jackets, flippers for feet, paddles for hands and as ass on me that was made for sprinting. I’m better known as a big bitch. And I love it. I love knowing I’m strong enough to handle my own in a dark alley; I excessively over fill a carry basket at the supermarket instead of using a trolley because I can, and parading my calloused hands around when receiving change from my coffee. My brother insists I took all the ‘muscle’ genes from our parents so there were minimal left for him, Dad tells me to stop lifting so much weight because it’s “unnecessary” and I cop family jokes that when I get mad I turn green and ‘Hulk out’.

Now...there are definitely times that I wish I was a smaller, ‘average’ sized female. You girls don’t know how lucky you are sometimes. I legitimately know I cannot shop in certain stores because I am legitimately ‘TOO DAMN BIG’ and which shoe stores stock my size in heels, (cause let’s be honest, even though I’m a 6 foot Amazonian I still feel FABULOUS in heels). I’m that awkward girl who comes out of the change room trying to make excuses as to why I won’t purchase the clothes to the girl working; “My shoulders are too broad”, “My backs to wide to zip it up,” “I can’t get them over my quads,” “No I can’t try a bigger size because that’s as big as you go,” “Sorry, I’m just a BIG BITCH.” Smaller girls don’t have these issues. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love being the size I am. I rock up at competitions and size up everyone to give myself a confidence boost, #douschebag (I know), I call it “Big Dogging.” And if there’s a girl there bigger than me I’m automatically in awe. I’m strong, I have always been strong, but CrossFit makes you continuously work on your weaknesses, and continuously working on moving my heavy ass through gymnastic movements is humbling. Trust me. But watching people do a double take at the size of me, giving you awkward compliments about the broadness of my shoulders and people randomly asking me if I’m a ‘Rower’ in the supermarkets is kind of awesome, and not something I should be ashamed of. My body has constantly been changing over my years of different sport specific training, but CrossFit has definitely played its part, along with my parents’ great genetics.

People are amazing, and CrossFit brings that out in people. I love seeing girls in the Box lifting weights and surprising themselves with the things that they are suddenly capable of doing because of CrossFit. The look on their face when the realisation of what they have just accomplished hits them. Girls hitting the 3 digits on their lifts, getting muscle ups after watching them struggle for so long, climbing a 15 foot rope after not being able to hold themselves there in a lock off when they first started. The light bulb moments; when suddenly they just ‘get it’; that’s what I love about CrossFit. It will change your body. It makes you confident and capable, it unleashes that inner beast. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and I’m incredibly lucky for all the amazing people it has brought into my life.

The girls worried about joining because they think they will become ‘too muscly’ need to realise that:

#1: Booty is Power

#2: It is EMPOWERING knowing you are strong

#3: You will only start looking like you have Ninja Turtle Abs and an Alien breaking out of your back if you train a zillion times a day, eat a small horse with every meal, and have the genes of Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Highly unlikely.)

We need to be confident in our own bodies. Play to our strengths and work on our weaknesses. I’ve realised there’s no point in being self-conscious about my size because there isn’t anything I can do about it. I’ve worked hard for how I look, and I love what I can now do with my body. It’s a wicked feeling realising that. Build the booty and fire up the beast!



  • Tracy : June 27, 2016

    Anthea this is a wonderful read and so many ladies need to read this. I’m 5’10 (used to do crossfit and hope to get back into it soon) and a lot of my friends are taller than me and we’ve all had those thoughts of wanting to be shorter, smaller, not taller than a majority of dudes out there but now as 35 years old we embrace it. We walk tall and love our curves, height, muscles or lack of ;) and just wish I was in that head space my whole life. Keep inspiring positive body image. You never know what young girl who’s growing taller than her friends is taking notice.
    PS: Check out The Shoe Garden (Brisbane) or Willow Shoes (online) for heels in longer sizes ;)

  • Louisa Carter: June 27, 2016

    Congratulations to you Anthea
    Proud to say I know you personally and have enjoyed your company.
    From strength comes strength.

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