Introducing Our sponsored CrossFit Athlete Adam Mansy

Posted on 31 January 2016

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Coming up 3.5 years. I competed in my first Open in 2014 and had about 6 months training beforehand.

Why did you start doing CrossFit?
After playing Rugby League for most of my childhood, I needed something to replace my regular training routine, but it still needed to have a competitive feel to it and CrossFit was a great fit. I set up Youtube videos in front of me, and practiced the movements in my back yard where I had a globo gym style set up. Normally I would hit a wall with new training styles and get bored of them, but with CrossFit I couldn’t accomplish all the movements, so every day was a challenge to see what new skills I could add to the bag.

What sports/activities did you do before CrossFit?
Rugby League, Rugby Union, Athletics, Body building style of training.

How often do you train?
If the body is feeling good it could be 3 times a day, but usually I train twice a day. 

What does your training schedule/structure look like?
There’s always an AM and PM session except on Sundays which is full rest day. The structure is not fancy; I just do CrossFit and work on skills and drills. I also do heavy lifts with a conditioning piece to finish off with.

Is nutrition important?
Super important. Without eating clean food I find it hard to wake up and consistently grind each day. I started off with The Zone diet by Doctor Barry Sears and stayed solid for about 3 months strictly. Now I just go off how the body is feeling but 90% of the time it’s good food (except after a comp). The body needs donut calories. 

What lessons have you learned and/or what mistakes have you made with your training?
For the first 3 years I programmed all my workouts myself. It was good to start with, but once I knew that this sport was for me I needed that extra push and needed to borrow the knowledge of others. If you’re looking to seriously make a run at CrossFit, a coach or customized programming is essential straight off the bat. My mistake was creating workouts solely for each field: Gymnastics, weightlifting, endurance, powerlifting and trying to improve at all of them individually without combining them which was a rookie mistake. As Froning says ‘just do CrossFit to get better at CrossFit’. 

What words of wisdom would you have given yourself when you started if you could?
Train smarter not harder.

What are your 2016 goals?
First step is to make top 30 in the Open, but Number 1 goal is to go to Regionals.

What are you doing to prep for the Open?
Testing and retesting all previous workouts and Open workouts to measure improvement over the past year. I am also training with different people to increase the intensity level.

Follow Adam on social media:
Instagram: @adammansy



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