Movin Mama's (Part 2)

Posted on 11 October 2015



There are so many great exercises you can do in the home with little/no equipment required. It would be best to engage with a trainer/coach to set you straight on technique first. Technique counts! A trainer may also be able to assist you to plan your workouts. If you can’t get in touch with a trainer the internet can provide a wealth of information, but be discerning with which websites you choose to access! Online coaching/programming may also be a good option if you have limited access to trainers/coaches.


There are a great many exercises that can be done with no equipment, bodyweight squats, lunges, push ups, dips, planks etc, are fantastic movements to train. These exercises performed well can give fantastic strength and fitness results. You can also use everyday objects like chairs, tables, stairs etc in conjunction with these basic exercises for an added challenge.

However, if you are motivated and training a lot at home, you may find yourself wanting to add in some variety and may want to consider some equipment. In this case, my advice is to start small and go from there. Things like kettle bells and slam balls are inexpensive, can be used for a variety of exercises and are small and portable (you can take with you on holidays). So that’s a good place to start. I you find you are getting great use out of the equipment you have, then you can think about slowly expanding and adding to your collection. The last things you want is expensive gear collecting dust! Keep an eye out at Aldi as they often have some training gear at great prices (it may not be state of the art, but can suffice in the home), also check out Gumtree and Ebay! We have very slowly built up our home gym , and I absolutely love it. We get great use out of it!


I found myself confronted with very little/no sleep for the first few years. I just kept training through the tiredness. I know how hard it can be! Have a coffee, stay positive, do what you can. You don’t need to break a world record, and any sort of exercise will in fact energise you, not deplete you! Times WILL change, you will get sleep at some point in the future – you can certainly up the intensity at this time!


Yep – everything can wait! Avoid distractions. Of course there will always be a million loads of washing to be done, cooking, cleaning, emails, the list goes on. But so what if it waits a while? Fitness, strength and feeling good should come first. All those things on your ‘TO DO LIST’ will be there waiting patiently for you on completion of your workout. I know I am so much more efficient with my time when I’ve had a little sweat time.

Even when training at home, I still get my workout gear on and pack my gym bag to head downstairs! It’s all part of getting in the zone!


Have fun. Do your best. Get movin Mama!





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