Movin Mama's (Part 1)

Posted on 08 September 2015

The juggling act of life sure is a hectic one! Fitting everything into one short day can get crazy. Finding the time to train, or steal some time out for yourself can be a challenge to say the least! So, often it gets put down the bottom of the priority list, and then doesn’t happen.

As a Mum, I find I really need this short bit of time to do something physical, to get my body moving in some way. I am a better mum, friend, partner and person for it! It gives me a positive outlook, a refreshed mind, an ability to focus, be present, more patient with my children, not to mention energises me to keep up with the little ones. So for those reasons, and many more, training features pretty high on my priority list.

Like a lot of other Mums, I have my fair share of ‘hurdles’ or challenges to making this happen, but where there is a will there is a way. So I MAKE it happen! Over the past couple of years since having children, the ways in which I have trained have changed depending on my needs, and the needs of the family at the time. So, before going any further bear this in mind, and be prepared to change your routines/schedules/priorities as needs be!

Here are my hot tips for getting it done – most specifically for mums training in the home with little ones in tow. Let me preface all of this by saying that training at home takes some serious motivation and dedication, so hats off to you for taking the first step!!


Where to train is a biggie there’s no doubt about it! If you have access to gyms/training facilities with childminding, then this may be a great option for you! You can get un-interupted time to train and do your thang. When my kids were really little, I trained mostly in crossfit gyms that provided childminding, which I benefitted greatly from. Lately however, I’ve been training mostly at home, as our priorities have changed and it no longer suits us to spend our mornings at the box.


Plan your workout the night before. You will never wake up and think ‘Yes!! I cannot wait to get stuck into 100 burpees!’ But if you plan it the night before, you’ll be more likely to get moving when the time comes.

When training at home, I keep my workouts short and intense. I do a brief warm up (5 mins), then some strength work (15 mins) then a bit of the ‘huffy puffy’ stuff (15 mins), stretch/mobility.

You may like to plan the weeks workouts in advance so you can ensure you’re getting loads of variety into your training.


Plan the time of day that you are going to train. No body knows your schedule better than you, so pick the most suitable time. It may be in the morning when the kids are fresh and happy to play independently. Set them up with drinks/snacks/activities. You may choose their sleep time, or their TV time. Doesn’t matter, just have a plan prior to the day, otherwise you’ll keep putting it off until the day is done!


Be prepared to change your plans. Don’t we know all too well about this? If you can’t get the workout that you’d planned done, don’t worry about it. Try something else! If it’s going pear shaped, then involve the little ones and have fun with them. If it can’t happen, then abort for now and try again later. Avoid getting frustrated at the little ones, as this will only breed negativity, not good for anyone!


Have fun. Do your best. Get moving Mama!




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