Introducing CrossFit Athlete Anthea Chandler

Posted on 07 February 2016

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 

I began doing CrossFit just before the Open in 2012. I completed 2 of the 5 Open workouts that year, but was incredibly thrown off by 12.1, 7 Minutes of Burpees. I was a MASSIVE "Cherry Picker" back then. 5th year doing CrossFit... Woooooo!! 

Why did you start doing CrossFit? 

I was training CrossFit style workouts in my Globo gym before being convinced by a friend to join a Box. I had no idea what I expected to get from CrossFit. I had always been strong and played competitive sport, so I think I was mostly intrigued by the idea of being able to compete in something again. I remember my very first CrossFit experience was doing 'Fight Gone Bad.' Lets just say it went INCREDIBLY bad! I was laying on the floor of the bathroom for a solid 2 hours afterwards. I was hungry; I wanted more. 

What sports/activities did you do before CrossFit? 

I used to compete at National level in Track and Field, also competing at Pacific Games in 2008. I competed in the 100m, 200m and 400m Hurdles, Long and Triple Jump and the flat 200m Sprint. I was a self taught hurdler, but my sprints coach was the youngest female to ever compete at the Olympics for Australia in the Sprints. I loved Athletics so much, it consumed my senior school life. I still wish I competed in it, but the transition into Club Athletics lost its shine for me. My competitive edge though; not so much.  

How often do you train? 

I'm training 5 days a week, with a scheduled de-load / mobility and one complete day off. 

What does your training schedule/structure look like?  

My training schedule consists of training Monday-Wednesday, Thursday de-load / mobility to prepare and recharge my body for Friday-Saturday, and resting Sunday. On my training days my coach, Gregg Wilson, has me train twice daily. Session one would involve me doing the daily workout and the other a skill piece or metabolic conditioning piece. Each session lasting 1-2 hours depending on my weekly program. It's more important for me to work on my weaknesses such as conditioning and gymnastic work than strength / lifting. 

Is nutrition important?

I always knew nutrition was important but one of my biggest falls has been my inability to stick to an eating plan. I have a massive sweet tooth, so would find myself eating well but then getting something sweet to eat with a coffee too regularly. I have recently started following an eating plan off a Sports Dietician and have been seeing amazing results. It's not Paleo. There's A LOT more food I have to consume per day than I thought. It's been great! I have been leaning down without losing strength, feeling like I have ten times more energy than I usually would whilst feeling lighter when I train and I'm not feeling fatigued as regularly as I used to, plus my recovery has been awesome. SURPRISE! Nutrition is important. 

What lessons have you learnt and/or what mistakes have you made with your training? 

DON'T BE A PUSSY! CrossFit is a mind game, if you get too comfortable being comfortable then you lose. You can always go that extra rep, you can always run that little bit faster, rest that little bit less, lift that little bit heavier if you have the right mind set. My coach has always helped me pull my head out of my ass and realise that I am perfectly capable at completing every task. What determines a good mind set or not comes down to my attitude and body language. My body can always go, its my mind and mental game that tells me I can't or that I need rest. If I just take a deep breath and focus I realise that I am capable, I am strong enough, I am fast enough. I have him to thank for that. 

What words of wisdom would you have given yourself when you started if you could? 

Don't 'Cherry Pick'! I created this whole idea that I wouldn’t attend a class if it didn’t have lifting in it. I got good at lifting heavy weights and let my metabolic conditioning fail me. I've been paying for that since. Work on your weaknesses and learn to love them! I LOVE BURPEES! :p  

What are your 2016 goals? 

REGIONALS! <3  I want to get there! I want to compete against the Big Dogs, and I want to have earnt that right to be out there on the floor next to them, my name on a big sign, and my coach kicking my ass! And if I don’t make it this year.... try harder the next. Other than that, I want to master the art of the butterfly pull-up, figure out how to hold onto 5+ muscle ups in a row and become part of the sub 3 minute Fran club.  

What are you doing to prep for the Open? 

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there's this contraption similar to something Satan would ride, its called an Assault Bike. The name speaks for itself. :P METABOLIC CONDITIONING!!! Get comfortable being uncomfortable and move faster! Sweat baby, sweat!

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